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  • We take a fresh and honest look at your company and provide an in-depth evaluation of your operation in order to ramp up performance and company image.
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Help! I am:

  • A new supervisor or manager and I need a game plan to be more effective
  • Struggling with the different personalities on my team
  • I am spending too much time putting out fires and not enough time being proactive
  • I am struggling with the way I review calls and performance evaluations with my staff
  • I want to learn how to coach instead of discipline
How Tooty Can Help:

Use our site/department audit service and we will guide you as you implement the action items. A combination of one-on-one coaching, weekly phone consultation and e-mail correspondence will give you the confidence you need to be an effective supervisor or manager. You will have a resource for your questions and fresh ideas for your team.

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