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  • Celebrating our 28th year of Customer Service Excellence!

Welcome to Tooty Inc.

We take a fresh and honest look at your company and provide an in-depth evaluation of your operation in order to ramp up performance and company image.

Making people aware of the need to change is an uphill battle. Actually seeing change in people is a rarity. Tooty's approach to training and development has had impressive results when it comes to closing the sale, improving customer service and raising the bar for employee performance. Corporations using Tooty's uniquely tailored training programs have enjoyed increased employee morale and bottom line results along with greater customer satisfaction.

As we take a fresh and honest look, we have the expertise to:

  • Evaluate your company's sales strategy
  • Evaluate the way your customers are treated
  • Develop an effective sales process for your staff
  • Develop and roll-out hands on training for your staff
  • Create and facilitate web-based training
  • Implement a secret shopper/call monitoring and evaluation program
  • Design scripting for successful handling of calls
  • Conduct market studies so you have current data on the competition in your territory
  • Conduct department or team assessments to determine if the right people are in place
  • Help you implement a coaching or mentoring program for CSRs or phone agents
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