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  • We take a fresh and honest look at your company and provide an in-depth evaluation of your operation in order to ramp up performance and company image.
Evaluation Services

The Problem That Needs Attention:

  • customer complaints are up
  • lack of team work
  • ineffective processes
  • inconsistent performance
  • wrong person for the job
  • inadequate staffing
  • sales are down
  • mistakes are up
  • trouble handling call volume
  • low morale
Department or Site Audit

We take a fresh look at your department or site to determine if the employees are using best practices and tools that allow them to be completely effective in handling the customer during sales and service situations. We provide a comprehensive game plan with ideas that involve long term vision along with easy to implement strategies for change.

Customer Feedback:

"Lori and Karla came to the __ location. They helped train me and organize my time so that I could better serve my staff and still get all of my other work completed. They were great and also sat with my team to listen to calls and give them Tooty tips and training, also. Right after they left to head back home to Chicago, I started in on my new way of managing. I'm not working harder, I'm working smarter. So far, it has been working out great! Last month we had 6 of our 9 calls over 90%. It's amazing!"
To receive a sample evaluation please call- 708-478-5772

Scored Performance Evaluation

We work with you to create performance standards, scripting and a point system that will allow you to hold people accountable for both minimum standards and for continuous improvement. The performance scoring program will help to flush out weak areas which allows you to create targeted training materials and programs. This easy to use system also gives you statistical data to easily track employee performance.
To receive a sample evaluation please call- 708-478-5772

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