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  • We take a fresh and honest look at your company and provide an in-depth evaluation of your operation in order to ramp up performance and company image.
Secret Shopper Or Call Monitoring Programs

We offer outstanding program options that have a proven track record for accuracy, developing agent's skills, increasing closure on sales and improving customer experience. Having your employees listen to themselves with a customer's ear and viewpoint is where real and lasting change begins. All data is electronically transmitted.

Options Available:

  1. A Tooty Inc. staff member will pose as an existing or potential customer and call into your office or call center. You do not need any additional equipment.
  2. We can remotely monitor your calls and capture a real customer conversation. Ask your phone system provider if you have REMOTE ACCESS MONITORING capabilities.
  3. You can record real customer conversations and transmit the audio electronically to Tooty Inc. for evaluation. The Konexx 100 is a device that will allow you to do the recordings yourself.
Customer Feedback:

Hat's off to Tooty Inc! Call monitoring and training all in one! Remote access call monitoring was a big win for us and the secret shoppers provide positive feedback and gave us the ability to identify need areas quickly and easily. Excellent customer service is what brings customers back and Tooty knows what customers want to hear! Tooty helped take our customer service skills to the next level.

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